Harness the Power of the iPhone

With endless capabilities and ever-changing technologies, the iPhone is one powerful tool. If you’re interesting in making use of its power to wield powerful apps that drive tangible business results, then look no further.

  • Video
    Allows you to record video, playback, and embed for increased interaction
  • Cloud
    Store important information in a safe, acccessible way
  • Web Services
    Back your app up with shopping cart capabilities and supporting online integration
  • Geolocation
    Utilize GPS technology for location-based apps
  • Augmented Reality
    Make use of live video feeds and animations to get people talking
  • Alternate Reality
    Create a world for mobile users to participate and interact

Plug Your Business into Mobile

Much like the iPhone itself, our capabilities are constantly evolving. Backed by a team of Ruby developers, our apps have full web integration which enable you to do pretty much anything you can dream up. If you’re looking for a full-service app development company that can do some pretty amazing things with this pretty amazing technology, you’re looking for Held.

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