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iPhone / xCode Conditional Compile for Localhost

When developing iPhone applications that use data/api’s in the cloud it becomes painful to run in development mode.  Most of our applications talk to Ruby on Rails back ends via REST api’s.  Having to change a variable or comment out  a line of code every time you compile for a development, staging or production back [...]

Why The iPhone Is Still The Target Platform

With Gameloft significantly reducing Android development, citing that Google hasn’t done enough to “entice customers to actually buy products” on the platform.  You have to ask yourself if you are pumping money into Android development right now.  It says something when one of the most successful mobile development companies says they can’t make money on [...]

Motorola Droid Dropping In Price Already

There are reports that the Droid is dropping in price already.  This is on the heels of cuts on Palm Pre and Pixi.  This isn’t good news since price point is minimal when it comes to deciding to make a switch.  With less than 250,000 units sold week one compared to over 1 million iPhone [...]

iPhone Influences the Market

There have been more iPhones sold than xBox 360s, think about that for a minute. The new iPhone is more powerful than a Nintendo Wii, again we pause to let that register. So now you have a device that is widely adopted and as powerful as the current gaming devices on the market.  Additionally, it [...]

iPhone Alternate Reality Game Using Twilio

One of the things we have been working on is a virtual game that incorporates Real Time Strategy, Alternate Reality and Augmented Reality for a rich virtual gaming experience.  We wanted to proof of concept some Alternate Reality concepts by integrating the simulation of interacting with other humans by using dynamic content from a remote [...]

AuthorityLabs Rankings iPhone Application

Quick little application we created for AuthorityLabs during Gangplank hacknight.

MobiFest: Free Mobile Developer Conference

We love mobile.  We think it is a forward thinking platform.  We want to get smart people together to talk about the opportunities that increased cellular networks plus more feature rich mobile devices provide.  Additionally, we want developers from all platforms to get together to discuss how to move industry forward.  We [...]

iPhone 3.0 Feature List

Macworld did a fabulous job covering the latest iPhone 3.0 Event where new SDK functionality was announced to developers.  We figured we would put up our summary of what we understand this means in a quick bullet point list for people looking for the quick and dirty.
Lets start with some stats they announced.

80 countries in [...]

iPhone Location Based Real Time Strategy Game

We have been developing a location based real time strategy game over the last few weeks to proof several concepts for iPhone application development.  We wanted to show using web services as a strategy for phone development.  Additionally, we wanted to show real time usage of GPS on dynamic maps with web service data.  Finally, [...]

iPhone Google Map API Solution

We have been playing with an application that we wanted to have full Google Map API functionality on the iPhone.  Unlike the Android platform’s MapView there doesn’t seem to be a good way to do this on the iPhone.  We started talking about using UIWebView or hacking a solution together.  Luckily, the good folks over [...]


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