iPhone Location Based Real Time Strategy Game

We have been developing a location based real time strategy game over the last few weeks to proof several concepts for iPhone application development.  We wanted to show using web services as a strategy for phone development.  Additionally, we wanted to show real time usage of GPS on dynamic maps with web service data.  Finally, we wanted to use native phone features as an asset to the application.  We are working on stuff that is very rough around the edges, but fully functional.  With some luck we should have some things polished and ready  to submit to the iTunes store within the next week.

Very simple premise for the proof of concept.  Use real time gps locations as parcels that can be claimed by users.  Allow users to battle for parcels and earn status.  We have a lot more planned, but the above works as of now.  So here is a quick little demo…

Step 1. Login and the application will find your location in real time.  It will lay a grid over the surrounding area and paint the parcel you are located in grey.  Notice that owned parcels are represented as well.

Open Land

Step 2. Claim the land you are on.  Later you will be able to battle for land that is occupied.  You can do this by tapping the claim button or using a gesture like planting a stake in the ground. Then you can confirm you want to take the land or reject it.

Claiming Land

Step 3. A call to the webservice goes out to claim the land and notifies you that you now have new land!

Land Claimed

Step 4.  The map is updated in real time to show you as the proud new owner.

Occupied Land

In addition to the iPhone client updating all of the stats are updated on the server and the world can see who owns what via the web.

Mozilla Firefox

You can also see where people rank according to their world rating.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are interested in helping us test out game play and provide feedback please email derek at getheld dot org and be sure to include your iPhone unique identifier.


1 Response to “iPhone Alternate Realty Game Using Twilio”

Chase Granberry says on March 10, 2009 at 4:10 pm:

So … Any plans for an Android version? G1 users are gonna be way behind the pack :(

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